The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recently granted 28 new awards to California. This continues an investment across the state to address healthy communities, chronic disease prevention, and health inequities. However, these newly funded sites, those that preceded them, and others that are unfunded but working toward similar outcomes often remain siloed rather than acting in synergy for maximum impact. To address this, the Public Health Institute is building a community of practice--CA4Health--to advance prevention and health equity in California. This network will help to connect the pieces and strengthen capacity for effective chronic disease prevention and health equity work, increase awareness among public health leaders and decision-makers of statewide efforts, and support policy and administrative actions to advance Policy, Systems, and Environmental change. Participation from stakeholders regardless of grant funding, geography, and area of interest will serve to strengthen the success of these efforts in California.

On March 27, 2015, CA4Health invited stakeholders to a kick-off convening to help us design a community of practice and action that will be an important element towards building a system of prevention in California. CA4Health is still in the developmental phase, so this Web Forum is designed to share highlights from that March convening and give you an additional opportunity to provide your input for building the CA4Health community of practice.


Kristania De Leon

Project Manager, CA4Health

Public Health Institute

San Diego, CA

Kristania De Leon is the CA4Health network’s lead policy staff and Southern California organizer. She works with CA4Health partners to support strategic action with internal and external stakeholders. Kristania brings a background of community engagement, local- and state-level advocacy, and coalition building with the 10-year California Convergence initiative to the…

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Susan Watson, MPH

Program Director, CA4Health

Public Health Institute

Oakland, CA

Susan Watson is currently the Program Director for the CA4Health community of practice. Previously, she was the manager for Public Health Institute’s Community Transformation Grant where she provided programmatic oversight for all strategic directions. Susan has over 17 years of experience in various sectors of public health that has included…

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