Abigail Gamble, MS, PhD

Instructor, Department of Pediatrics

University of Mississippi Medical Center

Jackson, MS

Abigail Gamble is a New Jersey native who has lived in Mississippi since arriving 2004 at the University of Mississippi to earn a master’s degree in Health Promotion and a doctoral degree in Health and Kinesiology. An early career investigator in the Office of Population Health and instructor in the Department of Pediatrics at the University of Mississippi Medical Center (UMMC), Abigail is most passionate about a research agenda aimed to reduce child health disparities in Mississippi, particularly in the Mississippi Delta region. Her dissertation project examined associations between children’s in-school physical activity and weight status, and in-school physical activity policy and the school built environment in elementary schools in the Mississippi Delta. In late 2012, the investigation was identified by Active Living Research to receive supplemental funding to translate the project’s outcomes to policy and action in the state of Mississippi. Gamble is dedicated to her career in academia and has a research agenda focused on reducing pediatric health disparities in Mississippi, childhood obesity, and co-morbid chronic diseases, which are believed to be in large part fueled by a multitude of intertwined environmental and social inequities. 

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