Andrew Broderick, MA, MBA

Director, Center for Innovation and Technology in Public Health

Public Health Institute

Oakland, CA

Andrew leads PHI’s efforts to advance the design and planning, implementation and evaluation of mHealth programs, and to disseminate research findings broadly for use in public policy and health practices. He has extensive experience working with the evaluation of mobile technology among underserved populations and in the safety net setting, leading user experience research and conducting focus groups and interviews with all levels of stakeholders in health care settings from clinicians and administrators, to c-suite level individuals, to project coordinators and managers to patients and families of all backgrounds. He currently serves as co-principal investigator on the Aetna Foundation-funded digital health solutions for vulnerable populations project. Before joining PHI, Andrew served as Research Director at the Health Technology Center in San Francisco and spent eleven years at SRI International where he led research projects on new business opportunity searches, technology and market assessments, and research and commercialization strategy development on a broad range of emerging technologies relating to health care.

Andrew holds a M.A. in economics and geography from Trinity College in Dublin, Ireland, and an MBA from San Francisco State University.

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