Ashley Price, PhD, MPH

Senior Research Program Leader, Family Medicine and Community Health

Duke University

Ashley Price, Ph.D., MPH is the Senior Research Program Leader and Lead Research Administrator for the Department of Family Medicine and Community at the Duke University School of Medicine. She also serves as Program Coordinator for CARiNG-StARR Research Residency Pathway. Dr. Price focuses on the delivery of policy-relevant applied social science and community- and patient-centered clinical research. She specializes in the implementation and evaluation of evidence-based food and nutrition programs, and health care delivery innovations. Additionally, her research focuses on the intersection between poverty and patients’ health care and health outcomes, including the integration and role of technology in health care delivery. Dr. Price’s research explores the differing effects of public policies, programs, and health interventions on vulnerable populations. Examples include health outcomes for seniors in poverty, the use of nutrition and food programs by seniors, social policy and program implementation, food security, and the use of emergency food assistance. Dr. Price received her Ph.D. in Public Affairs from the University of Missouri in 2017.

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