Birthe Dinesen, PhD

Professor and Head, Laboratory of Welfare Technologies - Telehealth & Telerehabilitation

Aalborg University, CITRIS and the Banatao Institute

Aalborg, Denmark

Dr. Birthe Dinesen is a Professor and Head of Laboratory of Welfare Technologies - Telehealth and Telerehabilitation and Department of Health Science and Technology at Aalborg University in Denmark. Dr. Dinesen has been doing research within the field of telemedicine for more than 15 years, has published over 81 peer-reviewed research papers, and has 5 patents. Dr. Dinesen’s research focus on participatory design, eHealth literacy, gamification, technology enabled care models, motivation and engagement of patients within their own health, designing, testing and evaluating telehealth – and telerehabilitation programs and patient-reported outcomes. Dr. Dinesen has been a principal investigator (PI) for 8 research projects within telehealth and telerehabilitation. In 2012, Birthe Dinesen initiated the Transatlantic Telehealth Research Network (TTRN) between Danish and American research Institutions. Six years later, Dr. Dinesen initiated the Japanese-Danish TeleTech Network between universities, healthcare professionals, and companies in Japan and Denmark. Finally, Dr. Dinesen has applied for and attained grants for more than 50 million DKR ($5.7 million) in research projects.

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