Bridget Clementi, MBA

Vice President, Community Health

Children’s Hospital Wisconsin

Milwaukee, WI

Passionate about the intersection between school and community health as a catalyst to kid’s achieving their full potential, Bridget Clementi dedicates her professional and personal time and efforts to leading child safety, injury prevention, health education, and school and community health initiatives. As Vice President of Community Health for Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin, Bridget is motivated by the organization’s vision of Wisconsin’s kids being the healthiest in the nation! With nearly 20 years of experience in improving child health, she has successfully led innovative prevention programs and initiatives that gain statewide recognition and gain positive health outcomes for children and families. As an established professional in the greater Milwaukee community, Bridget serves on advisory boards and committees throughout the both local community and Wisconsin, including Safe & Sound, Inc., Milwaukee Succeeds, and Children’s Health Alliance of Wisconsin. Bridget has a bachelor’s degree in communications from University of Wisconsin-Whitewater and masters of business administration from the University of Phoenix.

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