Caryol Hendricks

Executive Director

Employers’ Health Coalition

Fort Smith, AR

Caryol Hendricks serves as the Executive Director of Employers’ Health Coalition (EHC). EHC is a non-profit organization of self-insured employers in the Hot Springs and Fort Smith market. Ms. Hendricks has served in that capacity since the foundation of the Coalition in 1994. Prior to that, she was the Executive Director of Buyers’ Healthcare Co-Operative of Greater Fort Smith

Caryol’s ability to vision the future and do what is necessary to get people there has resulted in a coalition that consists of employers who are educated in value based plan design and focus not on what they can save today but, on what they will save long term by keeping their employees healthy. Improving the quality of care and access to quality care is the measure to which all of Caryol’s decisions are held.

Caryol has represented the Employers’ Health Coalition as a speaker at many national conferences through the years. She served on the Arkansas Governor’s Roundtable on Healthcare. Caryol serves on the Board of Governor’s for National Business Coalition on Health, serves as chairperson of the NBCH Direct Contracting Committee, and on the Arkansas Health Policy Board. Caryol is the voice of employers on many other committees and boards that work to improve the quality, while controlling the cost of healthcare in Arkansas and on the National level.

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