Davis Park

Vice President

Front Porch

Los Angeles, CA

Davis Park has been developing and managing FPCIW’s technology initiatives and programs since 2011. The FPCIW is a center of excellence in Front Porch, a Southern California nonprofit provider of retirement living communities and affordable housing. Davis has over 20 years of program development experience in technology program design, testing, and implementation among older adult, low-income, and other underserved communities to explore and deploy innovations to improve access to digital solutions. He has served as a presenter or facilitator in dozens of regional, national, and international conferences. Davis is the former director of Community Technology Programs at the Little Tokyo Service Center, where he managed several community-based initiatives that focused on bridging the digital divide. Davis is also an inaugural member of the Zero Divide ZFellows, a program developed to facilitate technology adoption and social justice to underserved communities. He has served on several boards and committees dedicated to promoting technology access, adoption, and policy, and holds a BA in anthropology from UC Berkeley and a Masters from UCLA’s Urban Planning Program.

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