Devita Davison

Executive Director

FoodLab Detroit

Detroit, MI

FoodLab is a nonprofit organization that fosters the creation of an inclusive and equitable local food economy by providing food entrepreneurs with education, peer-to-peer mentoring, access to market opportunities and exchange of experiences. As Executive Director, Devita works to build an ecosystem that provides food entrepreneurs with the resources they need to launch, operate and scale good food businesses that create good jobs and catalyze positive change in their communities. Her overall goal is to create a food economy that acknowledges the importance of food justice, community health, local ownership and sustainability.   

Devita Davison was a 2016 TEDxBrum and 2017 TED speaker, her TED Talk on the big stage has been seen over 1 Million times, she is a 2014 UIX Urban Innovator, 2017 Grist Top 50 Leader in sustainability, a Southern Foodway Alliance Smith Fellow, and a 2019 Sustainability Champion by the Detroiter.

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