Diane Goldstein

Lt. Commander (Retired)

Law Enforcement Action Partnership (LEAP)

Medford, MA

Diane Goldstein joined the Redondo Beach Police Department in 1983. She rose from a Patrol Officer and School Resource Officer to Sergeant in the Special Investigations Unit, finally retiring as a Lieutenant Commander - and the first female lieutenant in her department - in 2004. Diane came to oppose prohibition through the tragic loss of a close family member who couldn't get the help he needed because the justice system is inadequately designed to help people struggling with mental health and addiction issues.

Diane coordinated multiple agencies in probation and parole searches and became a specialist in juvenile crime prevention, gang intervention, and a recognized leader in crisis management. She also developed national training guidelines and policies for use during critical incidents.

A member of the California Association of Hostage Negotiators, Diane received that organization's Honorary Life Member Award, and earned the Herman Goldstein Excellence in Problem Solving Team Award (Honorary Mention) for her work with a gang interdiction task force.

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