Emma Sanchez-Vaznaugh, ScD, MPH

Assistant Professor, Department of Health Education

San Francisco State University

San Francisco, CA

Emma Sanchez-Vaznaugh serves as affiliated faculty at the Center on Social Disparities in Health and the Center on Health and Risk in Minority Youth and Adults, University of California, San Francisco. Dr. Sanchez-Vaznaugh is associate professor in the Department of Health Education at San Francisco State University (SFSU), where she teaches epidemiology and biostatistics in the Masters of Public Health degree program. Dr. Sanchez-Vaznaugh received a doctorate of science in Social Epidemiology from Harvard University's School of Public Health, and completed postdoctoral research in the Kellogg Health Scholars program at the UCSF Center on Social Disparities in Health. Her research focuses on two interrelated strands: social inequalities in health and the extent to which environments and policies impact (or not) population patterns of disease overall and according to race or ethnicity, migration and socioeconomic status. Her research includes studies on the socioeconomic gradient in body weight across racial or ethnic and immigrant status; school-based nutrition and physical education policies and population patterns of child fitness and body weight. Her current research involves investigations on Latina/White patterns in birth weight, the role of nearby school environments in the variability of children's health, and racial or ethnic disparities in childhood obesity. Dr. Sanchez-Vaznaugh recently served on the Institute of Medicine Committee on Physical Activity and Physical Education in the School Environment

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