James J. Gasper, PharmD, BCPP

Psychiatric and Substance Use Disorder Pharmacist

California Department of Health Care Services

Sacramento, CA

Dr. Gasper is as a psychiatric and substance use disorder pharmacist for the California Department of Health Care Services. Dr. Gasper received his Doctorate of Pharmacy from the University of Colorado Health Science Center and completed his specialized residency in psychiatric pharmacy at the University of California San Francisco. Dr. Gasper has spent the last 15 years establishing programs and providing direct care for patients with opioid addiction, stimulant use, and other substance use disorders with a special emphasis on the comorbidity with mental illness. His current initiatives include expansion of pharmacy practice in harm reduction and addiction treatment, reducing opioid overdoses in California, and addressing the emerging trends in fentanyl and methamphetamine use. Beyond his work for the Department, he serves as a consultant for the UCSF Clinician Consultation Center Substance Abuse Warmline which provides expert consultation for health care providers across the country.

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