Jason “Biggie” Umtuch

Executive Director

Fire Ignites The Spirit

  • Member, Wellbriety Movement, White Bison Organization,

Jason “Biggie” Umtuch comes from the Wasco, Tidenapum, and Pikunii nations. He was raised in North Portland and has been a member of this community his whole life. Jason is a member of the Wellbriety Movement and aspires to give back to his community. Currently, Biggie, how he introduces himself, provides mutual aid to the many indigenious communities that make up the Portland area, and beyond. He responded to a request for personal protective equipment (PPE) from the organization White Bison, the founders of the Wellbriety Movement. He began by gathering masks for the Navajo Nation and has since grown into an organization that provides household cleaning supplies, personal hygiene, PPE, non-perishable foods, pet food, water and anything else the people ask for. Biggie’s work has helped get his vision of a program designed to help indigenious and other community members seeking a different way of life from prisons and addiction. He is the founder of Fires Igniting The Spirit (FITS). The vision is to provide culturally responsive services to folks relocating from reservations or exiting prisons or treatment facilities. He inspires others to provide support by networking and offering his help when called upon. With the understanding of changing the narrative of the white supremacy culture that America is rooted in. His vision to heal from the trauma of America and to help as many as he can to also join in this healing journey. To get back to the foundation of community members supporting community members. He is working to help teach others that we must give without expectation nor judgement, give back to all from the unborn to our elders who exit this life and move into the spirit world. He helps without question because his path had brought him to this place.

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