Judith Bell, MPA



Oakland, CA

Judith Bell is the president at PolicyLink where she has been since its founding in 1999. Under her central leadership, PolicyLink has developed into a national voice for access and opportunity for all people — particularly low-income people and communities of color. Bell oversees efforts to develop and advocate for an array of equitable policies, including those focused on improving health and infrastructure. She has led PolicyLink efforts to improve access to healthy food at the local and state levels including work with the Obama administration and Congress to launch a national Healthy Food Financing Initiative, providing $477 million to improve access to healthy food in low-income communities across the country. She leads PolicyLink efforts with the Convergence Partnership, a collaboration of eight major foundations and healthcare institutions focused on achieving healthy people in healthy places. In addition, Bell helped create the Promise Neighborhoods Institute at PolicyLink, an independent, nonprofit resource for communities engaged with the federal Promise Neighborhoods program. She continues to engage in efforts to advance equity at the national, state, and local levels and is also a regular speaker, trainer, and media voice on these issues. Prior to joining PolicyLink, Bell was director of the West Coast Regional Office of Consumers Union, where she developed a 32 state effort that preserved more than $14 billion in charitable assets as nonprofit institutions became for-profit, and advocated on a range of policies impacting low income consumers.

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