Julie Bongard

Healthy Eating Coordinator, Healthy Communities Department

Spokane Regional Health District

Spokane, WA

Julie Bongard is a Healthy Eating Coordinator in the Healthy Communities Department for Spokane Regional Health District. Ms. Bongard worked as a healthcare professional on the eastern seaboard and inland northwest overseeing large foodservice operations and troubleshooting systems for independent and contract food services. During her tenure working with foodservice operations she founded a professional organization of Food Service Managers in eastern Washington for the purpose of networking and enhancing regulatory and industry knowledge. In 1996, she moved from directing foodservice operations into foodservice sales. In conjunction with sales she also conducted several hundred ServSafe, HACCP, How to Sell with Service for Waitstaff, and other specialized trainings for customers throughout the Pacific Northwest. Her extensive product knowledge and the network created by the early organization of managers combined with her revenue experience in kitchen management helped her develop a large portfolio of loyal accounts and contacts within the industry. Being active in several different segments of the foodservice business has enabled Ms. Bongard to develop resources to draw upon to problem solve and assist partners with challenges and give them options they don’t know are available. Ms. Bongard continues to works with her new and existing partners on the sodium grant as they find new lower sodium products that are accessible, palatable and meet the lower sodium USDA guidelines.  She communicates to other partners the products qualifications to create demand and solidify those products’ standings in the marketplace. Julie received her B.S. in Foods and Nutrition in 1981 from Montclair State University, and has completed one year towards her M.S. in Public Health from Washington State University.

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