Karen Furst, MD, MPH

Health Officer

San Joaquin County Public Health Services

Stockton, CA

Dr. Karen Furst has worked for San Joaquin County Public Health Services for the past 15 years. As the Health Officer she provides medical oversight for the public health programs and public health leadership for the community. Dr. Furst’s major area of interest and expertise is in communicable disease and outbreak control.

Dr. Furst currently serves on the Board of the California Conference of Local Health Officers, and was Chair of their Disease Control and Prevention Committee for 5 years. In the past she has served on the Executive Boards of the California Tuberculosis Controllers Association and the California Association of Communicable Disease Controllers.

Other California statewide taskforces and advisory group contributions have included: Pandemic Influenza Plan Revision Advisory Group, Avian Influenza Surveillance Taskforce, California Food Safety Taskforce, CalCode – Food Safety Revision Workgroup, Pandemic Influenza Planning Advisory Group for Prioritization of Vaccine, Prison Outbreak Response Workgroup, and the California Reportable Diseases Committee.

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