Kari Olson

Chief Innovation and Technology Officer

Front Porch

Los Angeles, CA

Kari Olson is the chief innovation and technology officer (CIO) of Front Porch, one of Southern California’s largest not-for-profit providers of senior living communities. She also serves as the president the Front Porch Center for Innovation and Wellbeing (Front Porch Center), founded on a belief that technology innovation plays an important role in enhancing each individual’s ability to “live life my way.” 

In her current role as CIO, Olson leads the business innovation strategy for Front Porch and its partners while also leading business and resident technology initiatives. As president of the award-winning Front Porch Center, she explores innovative uses of technology to empower individuals to live well, especially in their later years. Kari speaks nationally about Front Porch’s work in innovation and technology. 

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