Kathrine Rayce, PhD

Researcher, Centre for Innovative Technology (CIMT) and HTA consultant

Odense University Hospital

Odense, Denmark

Kathrine Rayce is a researcher at CIMT, Odense University Hospital in Denmark and researches in health technologies. Her focus is on the way patients, their partners, and health professionals experience the technologies as a part of their daily lives and practices. In addition, her focus is on how technologies mediate practices and are mediated by the users, thereby leading to altered practices. She has just defended her PhD thesis: “Telemediated training for patients with very severe Chronic Obstructive Lung Disease (COPD): Aligning technology, daily living and clinical practice”.

As a HTA consultant, Kathrine Rayce has evaluated projects including video consultations in the cardiological and palliative fields, and in the developing of applications.

Kathrine Rayce has 12 years of experience in the health system as nurse, consultant, and project manager.

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