Mark Barone, PhD

Global Health Leaders Fellow

Public Health Institute (PHI)

Sao Paulo, Brazil

Dr. Mark Barone has nearly two decades of experience working in education and research, as well as in health marketing and communication within Brazil, focusing mainly on Type 1 diabetes. As a Global Health Leaders fellow, Dr. Barone serves as a technical advisor for Medtronic Foundation’s global health programs in Brazil and globally, focusing on non-communicable diseases. He works with the implementing teams of HealthRise Brazil and HeartRescue Brazil, and leads the global sustainability plans for all Medtronic Foundation global health programs. For his fellowship capstone project, Dr. Barone founded the Intersectoral Forum to Fight NCDs in Brazil, a network of leaders from the public, private, and non-profit sectors addressing NCD care and prevention in Brazil and globally. Prior to joining PHI, Dr. Barone worked for over a decade as a high school biology and health teacher in Sao Paulo, Brazil and an independent lecturer, author, health projects coordinator and marketing consultant. As the current Vice President of the Brazilian Juvenile Diabetes Association (ADJ), Dr. Barone develops and manages health education, advocacy, and fundraising projects. He holds a PhD in human physiology and a bachelor of science in biological sciences, both from the Universidade de Sao Paulo (USP) in Brazil, in addition to a journalist license and two graduate certificates: one in Diabetes Education (UNIP) and another that included marketing studies in journalism (FCL).

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