Nancy Bennett, MD, MS

Director, Center for Community Health

Rochester, NY

  • Professor and Associate Vice Presiedent, Medicine and Public Health Sciences, University of Rochester Medical Center, Rochester, NY

Nancy M. Bennett, MD, MS, is Director of the Center for Community Health, Professor of Medicine and Public Health Sciences, and Associate Vice President of the University of Rochester Medical Center. She has directed numerous studies and community interventions related to the prevention of communicable and chronic disease. She is the principal investigator for the Rochester Emerging Infections Program, the Community Transformation Grant, Health Engagement and Action for Rochester’s Transformation (HEART), and the Healthy Living Research Center, and Director of the Community Engagement Key Function in the Rochester Clinical and Translational Science Institute. Dr. Bennett served for 17 years as the Deputy Director of the Monroe County Department of Public Health and for the last six years as the Director of the Center for Community Health. 

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