Chef Norbert Bomm

Corporate Executive Chef, R&D

Morrison Healthcare

Chicago, IL

Chef Norbert Bomm entered the culinary world in Hamburg, Germany and from there carved an international career for himself as Chef de Cuisine and Executive Chef with Hilton International. This propelled him into a kaleidoscope of posts in Europe, the Middle East, Africa, and the Americas. Bestowed with multiple honors and awards, as well as the gold medal for the Culinary Olympics in Frankfurt, Germany; he joined Morrison Healthcare as corporate chef, R&D. Before joining Morrison he was the leading culinary force at the prestigious Fairmont Hotel in Chicago and the DIRONA award winning restaurant Entre Nous. In his position as a Corporate Executive Chef with Morrison, he led the Great Living and Children’s Hospital menu and recipe development.

Chef Bomm works on menu and recipe development with a very simple food philosophy: using fresh wholesome ingredients, thoughtfully prepared foods that reduce the intake of excessive fat, calories and sodium; while delivering high quality meals with satisfying flavor and solid nutritional values.

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