Randall Nielson

Senior Project Officer , Partnership Support Unit Office for State, Tribal, Local & Territorial Support (OSTLTS)

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC)

Atlanta, GA

Randall Nielson brings 12 years of technical program and budget experience to the team that administrates CDC’s +$100MM umbrella cooperative agreement to increase the capacity of State, Local, Tribal and Territorial health departments. Prior to that, he served as Fiscal Officer for OSTLTS (2010-2013) and the Coordinating Center for Health, Informatics and Science (2007-2010), planning and executing up to $300 million in discretionary and categorical grants and cooperative agreements. In his current position, he plays executive and operational roles - strategizing with grantee and agency leadership to prioritize objectives and specify activities, and guiding grantee and federal staff through project execution, resolving technical issues before or as they occur. He ranks listening and customer service as his primary missions, and values the opportunities the cooperative agreement affords to learn from and innovate with partners on the front lines of health and practice. He is a veteran of the U.S. Army 1st Armored Division, and a graduate of the CDC Leadership Management Institute (2012).

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