Scott Richardson, MBA


Northbound Ventures, LLC

Somerville, MA

Scott Richardson brings a broad range of finance, operations and strategy experience serving the private, philanthropic and public sectors to his work at Northbound Ventures. Scott previously spent more than five years as the Director of Research and Strategic Initiatives for Project Bread, a statewide anti-hunger organization, where his responsibilities included identifying, implementing, and measuring the impact and feasibility of new projects to improve access to healthy food for underserved populations across Massachusetts. Scott's work to improve public school nutrition specifically began more than a decade ago as a consultant for Root Cause and has been documented in several academic journals. Scott holds a Professional Certificate in Sustainable Food Systems Leadership from the University of Vermont, a Master of Business Administration from Babson College, and a BA from Rutgers University. He is currently a PhD student in Population Health Sciences at Harvard University's T.H. Chan School of Public Health.

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