Selfa Saucedo, MPH

Manager, Health Education Unit

Ventura County Health Care Agency

Ventura, CA

Selfa Saucedo grew up in the city of San Buenaventura in Ventura County and has lived and worked there for most of her Public Health career. She is currently the manager for VCPH Health Education unit which includes Tobacco Education and Prevention, Chronic Disease Prevention programs, as well as the CDC Community Transformation Grant (CTG) and the Kaiser Permanente Heal Zone Initiative grant. The purpose of both of these last two grants is to affect long term, sustainable, policy, systems and environmental changes to improve the lives of all Ventura County residents.

Ms. Saucedo has a personal and family history of public service. She has family working in law enforcement, fire protection, education, postal work, and public health in Ventura County.  She has specifically concentrated on health promotion for over 25 years and has a passion and commitment to raising awareness, motivating individuals, and empowering communities to advocate for change in their communities– especially amongst those populations experiencing the greatest burden of health disparities in Ventura County.  

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