Tiffany Kaszuba, MBA

Vice President

CRD Associates

Washington, DC

Tiffany Kaszuba, Vice President, joined CRD Associates in 2011 following a successful internship at CRD and completion of her Bachelor’s Degree in Political Science from Rutgers University. Her practice includes: 

  • Coalitions - including the Coalition for Health Funding and NDD United
  • Public universities
  • Non profits working to advance various types of research

Tiffany is responsible for reporting on a daily basis to clients about budget and appropriations activities through newsletters and also plays a vital role in the organization of multiple coalitions. She is responsible for planning and organizing meetings on Capitol Hill and with various federal agencies, including constituent fly-ins and Congressional briefings. Tiffany’s other work includes representing clients on Capitol Hill, managing their social media accounts and websites, drafting informational materials, attending hearings, and analyzing legislation. When appropriate, Tiffany also works with clients to write informational reports to help educate the public and Congress and coordinates the production and dissemination of the finished product. She is also sought out by non profit and for profit organizations alike to give talks about social media and its applications in advocacy. In the office, Tiffany hires and oversees the firm’s fellows, coordinating their time and supporting their professional development.

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