Valerie Steinmetz

Program Director, Center for Technology and Aging

Public Health Institute

Oakland, CA

Valerie manages a portfolio of projects and programs focused on accelerating the diffusion of technology-enabled chronic disease care that benefits older adults. Valerie was responsible for overseeing and managing $2.5 million in grants for 22 selected health care providers to implement technology-enabled care programs as part of the Center’s flagship initiative, the Diffusion Grants Program. Valerie led the evaluation of the Diffusion Grants Program, including oversight and development of evaluation guidelines and measures and analysis of overall program outcomes. She also assisted in the reporting of program outcomes to grantees, provider and payer organizations, program staff, foundations, perspective funders and the Administration for Community Living. Valerie leads the management of the Alameda County Care Alliance Advanced Illness Care Program, assisting with the development of the program model, training, implementation, evaluation design and analysis of the pilot program. Valerie has conducted user experience research, piloting a national beta test and analysis of an online return on investment tool for remote patient monitoring, leading focus groups to understand how vulnerable populations are using digital health solutions to improve health and wellbeing, and interviewing advanced illness care program participants. Valerie previously coordinated research, technology assessment and forecasting efforts in ten key clinical areas at the Health Technology Center.

Ms. Steinmetz received BA degrees from the University of California, Berkeley in Public Health, Psychology, and Molecular and Cell Biology. She is completing her MPH degree in Applied Epidemiology at Emory University.

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