California Health Strategies Collaborative

The California Health Strategy Collaborative (CHSC) brings together public health, healthcare, community health advocates, and other thought leaders to develop new strategies and policies that will improve the health of all Californians and the nation. Through Dialogue4Health (D4H), we will create a larger conversation that involves many disciplines and communities working together to improve health.


CHSC's primary goal in developing D4H is to provide an innovative online space and tools to build collaborative communities, trainings, peer-to-peer problem solving, and information sharing in order to create policy options and model practices to improve health. 

Web Forums

One of the main features of D4H is a topic-specific Web Forum series on issues that impact health.  During each Web Forum, audience members will be able to interact live with panelists by blogging-in questions and comments or they may listen in and comment at a later time by going to the Web Forum archive. 

Why Blog?

The real work of the Forum begins when the live presentations end.  The Blog will enable participants to continue discussing the Web Forum topics, work collaboratively, and share information that will lead to the development of new health strategies and policies. Since ideas and solutions often come from those who live and work in communities challenged by health issues, community members are invited to participate in the Forum's Blog thus providing great insight and value to the discussion.


"I'm happy...that organizing is being done on the transportation bill.  That's going to be a tough nut to crack, but a worthwhile effort."

Committee Staff, 
United States Senate Committee on Agriculture, Nutrition, and Forestry


Funding for CHSC is provided by:

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

The California Endowment