Global Health Fellows Program II

Global Health Fellows Program II recruits, places and supports global health professionals, at all levels, to work with the US Agency for International Development in the Washington, DC headquarters and in developing countries. In addition, GHFP-II provides career and professional development support to program participants (fellows and interns) and takes part in outreach activities to reach potential candidates, including those who are underrepresented in the field of global health. The outreach focus is to make targeted audiences aware of the available opportunities and provide career advice. The program has approximately 120 active fellows and a cohort of 40 summer interns working in such technical areas as maternal and child health, family planning, reproductive health, HIV/AIDS, malaria and health policy among others.

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Thursday, 10:00AM11:00AM Pacific Time

Is There Life After USAID?

Presenters: Gillian Huebner , Jeff Spieler , Kathleen Rankin