Global Health Leaders

GHL incorporates the best practices and thought leadership of the public health and private sectors to develop a framework for establishing public-private partnerships that address public health challenges for vulnerable populations in the United States and internationally. The Public Health Institute has decades-long experience developing and running global health fellowship programs that strengthen the capacity of local leaders to improve public health outcomes. Global Health Leaders is an innovative outgrowth of these programs.

Global Health Leaders recruits, trains, and oversees local public health professionals as fellows to support on-the-ground efforts of corporate philanthropic units in under-resourced communities in the United States and globally. Through GHL’s Public-Private Competency Building strategy, fellows apply their expertise to help corporate philanthropies in their efforts to build competencies with local, national, and regional stakeholders, representing both the public and the private sectors. Partnering for Improved Health Over time, Global Health Leaders will forge a number of partnerships with corporate philanthropies to train a broad network of public health and business professionals. Together they will share innovative tools and leverage their combined skills to form sustainable solutions to pressing community health challenges.

Global Health Leaders’ first partnership is with Medtronic Foundation. This partnership, designed to combat noncommunicable diseases globally, will establish a blueprint for future partnerships that can be replicated in many other areas of public health with many other corporate partners.

“PHI brings the tools, the methods, and the experience so our corporate partners can take their investment in their own employees, and work with the GHL Fellows to drive change, thereby furthering their social responsibility mission of creating happy, healthy families and communities and a strong, healthy workforce,” says Public Health Institute’s CEO Mary Pittman.

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