In our 2014 Web Forum, “Talking About Gun Violence: Changing the Conversation to Move Policy Forward” we polled our Web Forum attendees on what they needed to be more effective communicators about gun violence prevention. Over 25% of our audience agreed the top priority was a better background understanding of the issues; another 25% said they wanted a better understanding of the opposing point of view. Obviously, the gun violence dialogue continues, and over here at Dialogue4Health, we continue to look for ways to provide understanding and meeting ground for those engaged in this discussion.

We know there is room for a better background understanding of the problem and finding meeting ground of opposing sides of the debate through better data and statistics. Ideally, as a country, we would have good data that would help inform decisions, and hopefully bring two sides together. Currently, however, there is a lack of funding for this research: organizations have exhausting problems trying to standardize and share data to create a better understanding for everyone.  What is getting in the way of obtaining and sharing this data? How can we make sure that we are making policy decisions with the best possible, ideally neutral, information?

We will be discussing exactly that at our upcoming October 20, 2015 Web Forum, Gun Violence Research and Data Collection: Getting the Facts Straight. Join us for the dialogue!

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