Recently, Dialogue4Health was lucky enough to host a conversation between Dr. Mary Pittman, the president and CEO of the Public Health institute, and Dr. David Lawrence, the former CEO of Kaiser Permanente, here at our offices in Oakland. We were so honored to have the two of them in the same room that we brought out the video cameras and the autograph books. We are sharing the video with you, but we're keeping the autographs for ourselves.

The premise of the conversation was Dr. Lawrence's new book, Best Care, Best Future: A Guide for Healthcare Leaders – an excellent book whose personal and engaging lessons extend well beyond healthcare. I know that for certain, because I read it cover to cover (assuming you can say that about a book you read on a kindle). Dave and Mary are old friends, and their conversation stretched much further than his book to include stories, ideas, insights, and wisdom about leading large organizations, and trends in and future of healthcare and public health. Particularly good moments included when Dr. Lawrence insisted that randomized control trials are totally useless (ahem... he *did* qualify that was only in very particular situations), defined the importance of a CEO's resignation date, and explained definitively and convincingly why higher quality healthcare leads to decreased costs

We were absolutely delighted to host such an engaging and fascinating speaker, and look forward to bringing you more conversations in this vein!