The community development sector invests billions of public and private dollars annually in low-income neighborhoods. These investments address important social determinants of health through the creation of affordable housing, employment opportunities, grocery stores in food deserts, schools and daycare centers, and other community infrastructure. The presenters describe important players in this work, the scope and scale of these investments, where the money comes from, and how public health can partner to increase positive impacts and help avoid negative consequences of community economic development.

Additional videos and resources: Build Healthy Places Network.


Doug Jutte, MD, MPH is a pediatrician, public health professor at UC Berkeley, and Executive Director of the PHI-based Build Healthy Places Network. The Network is a national organization that works to catalyze and support collaboration across community development and health. He also helped create and lead the Federal Reserve and RWJ Foundation's Healthy Communities Initiative, which has convened over 30 meetings around the country since 2010, bringing together professionals from across sectors to enhance community health impact, encourage improved outcomes measurement, and increase public and private investment in community development efforts.

Kevin Barnett, DrPH, MCP is a Senior Investigator at PHI. He has led research and fieldwork in hospital community benefit and health workforce diversity for over two decades, working with hospitals, government agencies, and community stakeholders across the country. His recent work has included the Alignment of Governance & Leadership for Health (AGLH) initiative and his current work on the Community Benefit Insight (CBI) tool and development of the Center for Advancement of Community Health and Equity (CACHE), both based at PHI.


Doug Jutte, MD, MPH, Build Healthy Places Network, August 2017

Kevin Barnett, DrPH, MCP, Public Health Institute, August 2017