The Physical Activity Research Center (PARC) is a collaboration of faculty from six leading universities —UC San Diego, Georgia Institute of Technology, Johns Hopkins University, North Carolina State University, Baylor University, and San Diego State University— with backgrounds in public health, city planning, behavioral science, and parks and recreation. We aim to build the evidence base for policy changes that will help make physical activity an everyday experience for all children. PARC has conducted four studies regarding youth physical activity and engagement in diverse community settings.

In this Web Forum we will hear from our investigators on the current state of youth physical activity including current trends, park usage, youth empowerment, and temporary play activations all with a stated focus on health equity. Panelists will share results of each study as well as vital crossover implications and next steps.   


James F. Sallis, PhD

Distinguished Professor Emeritus, Family Medicine and Public Health

University of California San Diego

San Diego, CA

Dr. Sallis is a health psychologist and one of the world’s leading researchers in physical activity and public health. He is known for innovative studies of children and adolescents regarding school interventions, measurement, and the role of community environments, policies and programs.

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Aaron Hipp, PhD

Associate Professor, Parks, Recreation and Tourism Management

North Carolina State University

Raleigh, NC

Dr. Hipp is Associate Professor of Community Health and Sustainability in the Department of Parks, Recreation, and Tourism Management at North Carolina State University. He measures human behaviors in public environments in an effort to better design, program, and develop policies for inclusive, healthy spaces

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Renée Umstattd Meyer, PhD, MCHES

Professor, Robbins College of Health and Human Sciences

Baylor University

Waco, TX

Dr. Umstattd Meyer is a Professor of Public Health in the Baylor University Robbins College of Health and Human Sciences who is recognized nationally and internationally for her work with diverse underserved and rural communities. Her research aims to better understand and promote physical activity for all people across the…

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Nisha D. Botchwey, PhD, MCRP, MPH

Associate Professor, Associate Dean

Georgia Institute of Technology

Atlanta, GA

Dr. Botchwey is an Associate Professor of City and Regional Planning at the Georgia Institute of Technology, an adjunct professor in Emory University’s School of Public Health, and Associate Dean for Academic Programs at Georgia Tech Professional Education.  Her research focuses on health and the built environment, health equity and…

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Myron F. Floyd, PhD

Professor, Department of Parks, Recreation and Tourism Management

North Carolina State University

Raleigh, NC

Dr. Floyd currently serves as Dean of the College of Natural Resources at North Carolina State University. His most recent research examines how built and natural environments promote physical activity and emphasizes eliminating racial/ethnic disparities in access to parks and public green space.

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