Communities that support walking and biking help people be physically active, promote health and can lower health care costs. This Web Forum will showcase different “active transportation” initiatives that make walking and biking for daily travel an easier and more attractive option for children and adults. Presenters will highlight projects that had received funding from Communities Putting Prevention to Work (CPPW) grants focused on increasing physical activity and preventing obesity.

Nick Sims will discuss the Jefferson County, Alabama CPPW initiative which involved several concurrent efforts focused on creating walkable communities. This included the adoption of a SmartCode zoning ordinance, Complete Streets resolutions, a new County-wide Greenway Master Plan, and policies supportive of Safe Routes to School. Much of this work continues today through the County’s Health Action Partnership, its member organizations, and specifically the Livable Communities Priority Group.

Vikrant Sood will provide an overview of policy, systems, and environmental strategies undertaken in San Diego, California to promote active living. These included the development of innovative technical tools and assistance and incentive programs. One highlight was the development of San Diego’s Healthy Communities Atlas, a tool which enables communities to see the specific relationships between numerous neighborhood characteristics that impact the health of their communities. Vikrant will highlight initiatives targeted at low- and moderate-income households, people of color and people with disabilities.

Julia Murphy will highlight efforts in San Antonio, Texas, focusing on the B-Cycle project, which furthers the City of San Antonio’s twin goals of enhancing both environmental and public health by providing a sustainable transportation option. She will discuss how the city is transforming itself into a bicycle-friendly community with a Bicycle Master Plan and Complete Streets Policy.


Nick Sims

Safe Routes to Schools of Central Alabama

Safe Routes to Schools of Central Alabama

Birmingham, AL

Nick currently works with Safe Routes to School of Central Alabama, a joint initiative of the Regional Planning Commission of Greater Birmingham and United Way of Central Alabama. During CPPW he worked with the Jefferson County Commission, and then the Jefferson County Health Action Partnership as a Planner in effort…

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Vikrant Sood

Program Manager, Bay Area Regional Prosperity Project

Metropolitan Transportation Commission (MTC)

Oakland, CA

Vikrant Sood is a Program Manager at the Metropolitan Transportation Commission, the regional transportation planning agency for the nine-county San Francisco Bay Area, where he manages the Regional Prosperity Plan, a $5 million program funded by the US Department of Housing and Urban Development, that promotes sustainable and…

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Julia Murphy, AICP

Special Projects Manager, Office of Sustainability

City of San Antonio

San Antonio, Texas

Julia Murphy hails from the City of San Antonio’s Office of Sustainability. She runs the award-winning “San Antonio Bikes” program and is currently overseeing key projects such as the implementation of the comprehensive Bicycle Master Plan, San Antonio B-Cycle municipal bike share system, and a bicycle safety and awareness media…

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Deborah Lou, PhD

Program Analyst, Active Living Research

A National Program of the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation

University of California, San Diego

Debbie Lou is the program analyst with Active Living Research, a national program of the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation. Debbie engages advocacy, policy, and community groups to develop opportunities for research translation and dissemination, especially to ensure the research meets the needs of communities at highest risk for childhood obesity.…

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