Marijuana has been used for both medicinal and recreational purposes for a long time. Nevertheless, a full understanding of the effects of this plant on our health, and how to address the long-term residual consequences of its criminalization in our communities can remain elusive. As preparations and discussions are unfolding across California and other states around legalized adult use increasing an understanding of marijuana can assist with achieving desirable and equitable outcomes. Please join CA4Health for a Web Forum series co-hosted by Dialogue4Health to learn more about Marijuana and Our Health; Marijuana and Communities; and Marijuana and Public Health.


Marijuana and Public Health: Opportunities for Equitable Policies and Approaches

This session will provide a sense of the importance of emphasizing equity in our policymaking around marijuana, and some examples of what/how this can be done, and the role that Public Health could/should play.

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Leslie Valencia, MCP

Researcher and Author of “Equitable Cannabis Policy” report

Walnut Creek, CA

Leslie Valencia holds a Bachelor of Arts in Architecture, Masters of City Planning, and the Interdisciplinary Graduate Certificate in Real Estate from the University of California Berkeley. As an independent consultant and researcher, Leslie completed one of the most comprehensive studies on equitable cannabis policy, taking an in-depth look at…

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Gregory Minor, JD, MCP

Assistant to the City Administrator – Special Permits and Nuisance Abatement

City of Oakland

Oakland, CA

Greg Minor is an Assistant to the City Administrator for the City of Oakland where he has overseen the permitting of cannabis businesses since 2014. Earlier this year, Greg co-authored a race and equity report that analyzed the impacts of proposed cannabis regulations on historically marginalized populations in the City…

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Jim Keddy, MA

Executive Director

Youth Forward

Sacramento, CA

Jim Keddy is the executive director of Youth Forward ( and a consultant to social change organizations ( For thirty years Jim has served as a leader in social change efforts in California. He is the former director of PICO California, a statewide association of community organizing efforts, and served…

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Derek Carr, JD

Derek Carr, JD, Staff Attorney

ChangeLab Solutions

Oakland, CA

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