Behavioral health practitioners and leaders play a critical role in addressing the underlying mental health of those living with or at risk for addiction. Join us for the next Web Forum in the  National Overdose Prevention Network (NOPN) Meet the Partner series for a live discussion with Dr. Westley Clark, a leader in behavioral health prevention and treatment. We will speak with Dr. Clark about the role of behavioral health, how to partner with local providers, and what strategies look like in action. Register today and read more about Dr. Clark’s story


Westley Clark, MD, MPH, JD

Dean’s Executive Professor

Santa Clara University

Santa Clara, CA

Dr. Clark is currently the Dean’s Executive Professor of Public Health at Santa Clara University in Santa Clara California. He is formerly the Director of the Center for Substance Abuse Treatment, Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration, U.S. Department of Health and Human Service, where he led the agency’s…

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Carmen Rita Nevarez, MD, MPH

Sr. Vice President Emeritus, External Relations and Preventive Medicine

Public Health Institute

Oakland, CA

  • Director, Center for Health Leadership and Practice, Public Health Institute, Oakland, CA

Carmen Nevarez, MD, MPH, is PHI's Senior Vice President for External Relations and Preventive Medicine Advisor and the Director of the Center for Health Leadership and Practice. A long-standing voice for the public's health, Nevarez is responsible for developing relationships with health and public health organizations and interests, advocating for…

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