Substance use and trauma are intrinsically linked, with other mental health disorders often co-occurring with substance use disorder. Join us for this second of a three part special webinar series with S. Brooke Briggance, Program Director for the Cypress Resilience Project and a Certified Trainer in Trauma Informed Systems and Practice, about the role a Trauma Informed Practice can play in overdose prevention and how to partner effectively. The topic for this session is: Neurobiology of Trauma, Co-regulation and Toxic Stress Management.


Brooke Briggance

Deputy Director

FACES for the Future Coalition

Oakland, CA

S. Brooke Briggance comes from a multi-sector background in health, direct impact programming for children, youth and families, and public education non-profit work. She began her career in healthcare in the Department of Neurology at SUNY Stony Brook in New York, and has experience in administrative leadership and public education advocacy…

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