The justice system can be confusing. People with Substance Use Disorders (SUD) often get involved in the system as witnesses, victims, or suspects/defendants. Understanding how the justice system links to local communities, connects people to treatment programs, and partners with health care and public health systems can play a meaningful role in supporting overdose prevention and linkages to treatment.

Join us for the next Web Forum in our Meet the Partner series for a live discussion with Cindy Cipriani, Assistant U.S. Attorney for the Office of the U.S. Attorney, Southern District of California. We will speak with Cindy about the various divisions within the justice system, how one may get involved, the roles of key players, and the role justice plays in overdose prevention.


Cindy Cipriani, JD

Assistant U.S. Attorney, Office of the U.S. Attorney, Department of Justice

Southern District of California

Assistant U.S. Attorney Cindy Cipriani, JD develops partnerships and programs that further the U.S. Department of Justice’s mission to prevent crime and enforce federal laws. She co-chairs San Diego’s multi-disciplinary opioid coalition, which works across sectors to raise public awareness and end the vicious cycle of addiction and overdose deaths.…

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Carmen Rita Nevarez, MD, MPH

Sr. Vice President Emeritus, External Relations and Preventive Medicine

Public Health Institute

Oakland, CA

  • Director, Center for Health Leadership and Practice, Public Health Institute, Oakland, CA

Carmen Nevarez, MD, MPH, is PHI's Senior Vice President for External Relations and Preventive Medicine Advisor and the Director of the Center for Health Leadership and Practice. A long-standing voice for the public's health, Nevarez is responsible for developing relationships with health and public health organizations and interests, advocating for…

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